For Me Alone – Justin Million – April 27

Synapse Misanthrope-In-Residence #NPM16

For Me Alone

Another morning




Walk naked by the plant window
to the bathroom, shower,

walk back into our room to uniform up
where Elisha is still

sleepy, doe-eyed, her eyes mourning;
I’ll leave for weeks at a time

to make that paper we use
to afford what makes us forget

that we don’t spend as much
time together

as we dream
we do.

I had a dream last night
that strangers would try to gain my trust

then try to stab me with small silver
forks. They would push into my trust, then back me

into a silver corner. After taking Nutmeg for a piss this
morning I replay the dream,

remember wondering
where Elisha was,

remember the dream being split
by the sun coming into the real room,

remember checking the time then, 6:30,
so I get another 50 minutes beside her before

another 70 hours over 5 days
away… I now understand the dream:

The longer I am on the road
the more likely I am to die alone.


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