Johnny Deep – Justin Million – April 25

Synapse Writer-In-Residence #NPM16

Johnny Deep

“There’s such an information overload that it’s becoming difficult
for even the smartest humans to master it in their lifetimes.
How do we sift through this deluge of data to find the right insights?
(…) What we’re working on is potentially a meta-solution to any problem.”

– Demis Hassabis, founder of DeepMind

What we will be

able to do
when we are no longer

the sum
of just our
brutal calculations,

when we are
streamlined in
shining programs, in
league with Siris going deep and

and with machines we will
be being right about everything,
and geek celebrities remind us of Johnny

and ah I just don’t have it in me anymore,
to be upset about the future, how it’s coming
on, how it’s leaving us behind but is us, is out
of our hands while we cradle it forward, and didn’t I
actually start this poem by wondering what we might be able to
do in a future made easier by proper technology? right now I am loosing

my thread, fallible as fuck,
each poem an information
overload, common man’s
deluge, a sieve for
grey matters only,
I write for no
robot, I wind
down, wait
for bots
to go


we can’t find us


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