Prints – Justin Million – April 22

Synapse Writer-In-Residence #NPM16


No matter
your symbol,
It takes you

You leave
an imprint
to mourn
what could have

or should have
been, had you
been made
to wait longer

for your turn
to take on dirt;
instead exploding

to your base
talents, the studs
of your given form,

reduced to what
surviviors carry:
omni-sex symbol,
purveyor of purple,

Jack and Jill
of all trades,
sole witness of a peace
bird’s grief,


if the worms manage
to piece you back
together, all sequins
and Stratocaster

so many years
from now
the past couldn’t identify
you as repeating,

don’t fly just in
the underground,
make us take you up
in spotlights again,

so when,
in New New Minnesota,
when the ground comes
to take you down again

make an entire world again
go crazy-


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