Black Flies – Justin Million – April 18

SPACE JUNKSynapse Writer-In-Residence #NPM16

Black Flies

Non-functional spacecraft,
paint flecks, or fragmentation

debris. Abandoned launch vehicle stages,
and (successful or failed) mission-related debris, or

the Chinese missiling dead
weather trackers, or the French

rocket crumbing another French
bric-a-brac, or Russians

surely accidental mash in-
to an unwitting U.S. TV-shoot machine

notches up the already half-million bits of done-in
Earth floaters moving as alive

as anything
moving 17000

mph round the crust
of our pale blue

clam-bake. Good luck,
50 year out

continuing missions, of renewing
the nationality of the moon again

by any means other than hitting

an old cover-


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