Clean Spring – Justin Million – April 14

Synapse Writer-In-Residence #NPM16

Clean Spring

Wipe your cellphone
Language setting clean.

Feel free to sit down
on a lawn that isn’t wet and holds no municipal signs.

Divest yourself of any product
having to do with cold sports.

Re-tab the end of the roll
of junk drawer duct tape.

Hold your girl’s hand more, until the greenhouse
of your palms together make your arms fall to their lonely sides.

Read only Matthew Zapruder
until your monotony is perfect.

Chastise the neighbours from the safety of your biggest window
for thinking that electric candles are year-round symbols of hope.

Hope your trip to England
breaks the box that holds your mind in its natal red and white valley.

Stop over-poeticising. Spring is the time to let even the non-poets
in on poetics, after Eliot killed any April alms.

Kick, and send strongly worded emails out
against whatever is still winter.


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