Feeding Tube – Justin Million – April 11

Synapse Writer-In-Residence #NPM16


Paw Patrol
is a bitch message.

A billionaire boy
wields a wealth of baby dogs

each representing a public

against the moustache-twisting forces
that would see the bake sale run

amok of joyless
macaroons, of brick breads,

of muffins without blinking
chocolate chips-

I’ve seen my fair share of episodes
with Edee and Henri,

their little faces drilled
to the Toshiba

hoping the millennially-monikered “Ryder” and his team of pups
will have enough time post-“adventure”

to volleyball around Adventure Bay,
to backflip-catch the biscuits Ryder

throws sparingly to the air for pay, the biscuits being
the reason they save the statue, the park, the cat gone

adrift in the bay-
Edee and Henri

always pretend to be dogs following
an episode, yelp for me to throw them

biscuits, so I get down to the floor
on all fours, show them it’s all no mission, never omit

respect and whatever love is
in a world where these shows are no longer teaching kids

that Ryders are real,
that TVs are mirrors-

that we should go outside,
and there’s biscuits in the heart,

and that existence, even when you’re older and an uncle, and all chewed up
can be just

the volleyball part-


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