Tin Roof Universe – Justin Million – April 6

Synapse Writer-In-Residence #NPM16

Tin Roof Universe

Elisha teaches me Peterborough

was first in the nation to be

decorated electric by streetlight,

the same lights I use to slow our moments in the night down

to tortoise while I watch her glisten in the spring snow

like the night we met,

there was a tin roof and the rain like pebbles on it

and I had ridden a bike from ‘burbs to meet her in her garden

like an epic, we stayed together, found hard times and through them found

that it of us

even in the dark;

hadn’t even held hands yet and everything still conspiring

to bloom us-

We hold few friends now,

most confidantes and angels moved away

or moved away from

we’ve been hunkered down for months, expanding

into each other, giving one gigantic fuck

about each other, so I love her, understand that

us having this past

is a poem a day for

life by life-


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