Running Away Shoes – Justin Million – April 3

Synapse Writer-in-Residence #NPM16

Running Away Shoes

Bumping the Hamburger Helper
mixtape in the whip

Mark and I exchange
who will win in leagues,

talk Tesla, talk my anxiety
over bankruptcy options,
the pain in his chest
from work stress a bass drum of a gene war

we have no choice from all this pride but striving,
both hard workers, we will grow our shoulders out

another 20,000 dollars wide,
a proper Sunday for the cigar smokers atop us,
we will make the new kids hustle hard,
these white shoes selling too well in Vaughan,

our Timberlands go dusty,
send the J’s seeker on deeper into the 6,

Scarborough or Queen,
no one knows where the ground soles go
but the register, the reps
praise walls of reduced tags,

all for sale
but an hour and a half both ways

and these fifteen minutes before I start the sale
taken to tell you that we won’t stop, no,
this crowd won’t
let us-


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