Galaxy Quest (after Justin Million) – Justin Million – April 2

Synapse Writer-in-Residence #NPM16

Galaxy Quest (after Justin Million)

Galaxies swirl like lost in the pocket
candies, create black holes to show
us glutton, create a collider to find how
sugars connect, create three hour commutes
to make the brain billboard boredom,

create Elisha’s zombie dreams to match
the BK sign on Lansdowne advertising the Fool’s Day typo

       “Spicy FLsh,
       only $2.99”

create love to remind me that’s what
god is, create life to solve god, solve time, solve
a puzzle that’s just dots forever, creating

space to solve creation,
create creation to forget
light comes through worms alone,
create crates to get us there,

create an out there to make us
look up tho we know in our candy hearts
there’s no chair in the air
but no waste, just
blank space chasing

creation as a wrapper
you can scrawl

all the poems on
or spend your time practicing being

thrown out-


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