Fools – Justin Million – April 1

Synapse Poet-in-Residence #NPM16


Send only tablets of peace
to my love.
Fools shredded my debt docs
the last eight
months, fortune’s smashed me
like a mountain top; after 15 years I am finally ready
to laugh off whatever age
Geneva finds
(for proof of hope we can file this one against the future).
We’ve won a new apartment.
My boss has lots of money. OK?
Mine more than yours,
future’s paperwork
a shit fad trap
rapper, a too long in the sun
Impossible to lose her in the light
I invent myself, send her my best,
my clear trash bag of who I was then,
our years ahead, a clear day
where a fool has a clean shot
behind the bullet,
me; we’ve bagged us an
us, babe.