Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Nathaniel G. Moore

Put on your lowcut navy blue Converse
Slice your pant lets, not your legskin
Ralph Lauren off the hanger
Across your golden back

Part your hair like a sitcom star
Load your schoolbag with tuna sandwiches
Crushed by cans of Diet Coke

Your lulling Walkman with day old batteries
And a mixed tape nearing Side A’s end

The morning is creening with delight and sun
While last night you lunged with epiphany
And 8bit stimulation, declaring and unspoken
“The video game is a startling brilliant approach
to personal narrative…”

You are respooled correctly now, heading out
A cool April morning bleats down in thermal delight
Bits of sun bits of shade as you bite the air before you

And sense the familiar tingle
Anticipating the machine’s
Infinite pick up of Cotton Ginny
Babes of Levi Straus lasses
You are part of this circuit:
The Leaside 56

How many rides left?
How many worlds will vanish
from the cerebral cinema
You can’t pry yourself away from?

Tell it to your heart later; this ride is still going
The retina scans from a thousand beauties all virgins
Like you and they like you.


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