WIGWAM – Stuart Ross


I am four foot three my arms
are crossed at my chest I am sitting
at a small desk and wearing an
Indian headdress made of construction
paper I have three feathers! I just got
my third feather for knowing how
to spell “chesterfield” my third feather
is green my other two are blue and
red these are what are called
“primary colours” oh! I just got
another feather! I put one palm
forward and say “how” that’s what
we Indians say “how” Miss Leibovici
is very pretty she has brown hair and
wears a brown dress or sometimes
a red dress and also stockings and
black go-go boots I want to kiss her
right on her pink lipstick lips she gives
us homework which is to list three Indian
tribes how they got their food and where
they lived and outside in the playground
I trip walking across the playground
and the ground is covered in gravel
and I get some gravel in my knee it goes
right under my skin and soon there is
infection and pus what a weird word
“pus” these were the days when F Troop
was on TV and Gilligan’s Island when
you’d be watching TV in your wigwam
and the picture would start skipping
upwards so you’d reach behind the TV
and twist a little knob called vertical
hold and on Saturday you’d crawl into
a big cardboard box and draw controls
and windows Stevie Rosen would
close the box flaps from the outside
and you would roar into space hurtle
into the future where you lived with
Miss Leibovici and she said to you,
“Time is too large, it can’t be filled up.
Everything you plunge into it is stretched
and disintegrates.” The telephone wires
hum in agreement.



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