New love – Justin Million

oh I’ve met some
bright lights-

chomped each other’s bit, thought
I am done
with basements
because of her, crawling
on to narrow beds, thought, I should

wash more
thoroughly so that
she stays unbooted
in the morning-

I unbuckle quickly with women.
I need something dark to happen.

                                                 how far to reach my fucking hand
                           into bright light
                                                  for my hand to catch
             no fucking light returning?

when friends turn
frank machines
and worry-warts-

until my unswept feet go
ghostly, off the real ground for her gravity-

i’m sure no one would refuse me that after life tho, two
seats at that breakfast table in Orleans in real life that one
day, that one weekend icestorm that
kept us in each others throats that
one three day

Maybe the biggest thing about living apart
is feeling two but
your heavy brain
and chest full of fear for that
other person, too many poems wasting real sober feeling about

losing a particular part you can’t
subscribe to because you are not ready to take care of anybody else, but
you know, that of all the other hearts you might get sent
you might meet
perfect fucking machine-


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